P.R.S.I. & Medical Card Holders


From March 2017 Self employed are now entitled to a Free Eye Examination funded by their PRSI.

The Treatment Benefit Scheme is also available to insured workers and retired people who have the necessary required number of PRSI contributions. If you qualify for the Treatment Benefit Scheme, you are entitled to a Free eye examination every two years.

There's no need to wait weeks for your PRSI approval. At Elliott Opticians, we can get your PRSI approval in hours, all we need is your PPS number. Just quote your number when making the appointment.

Your spouse, if dependent; may also be able to claim under your PRSI record, so bring them along and see if they are eligible for a free examination too. 

Medical Card

If you are a Medical Card holder, you are entitled to a free eye examination and free spectacles from a selected range. Alternatively, you can put your entitlement towards any other offer, and just pay the difference.  

To claim your Medical Card benefit you must first apply to your Health Board. Ask our staff for an application form, you can collect it in store or alternatively, we can post it to you. Once you have received your authorisation from the Health Board, just give us a call to book your appointment.