Did you know your child could be suited to wearing contact lenses?

Glasses are a generally thought of as the only form of vision correction for your child. However, there are times, particularly during sports, when contact lenses may be more suitable. It might surprise you to learn that children are able to safely use contact lenses. Children tend to adapt to wearing contact lenses very quickly, and studies have shown children as young as eight years old to be very competent at wearing and caring for contact lenses, provided that they are sufficiently mature.


When wearing glasses while playing sports, there is the possibility of potential injury from broken frames or lenses. The use of contact lenses for sport is a far safer option as well as providing more natural vision. Contact lenses offer more complete vision to the sides of your eyes (peripheral vision), they don't get damaged or fog, and they don’t fall off.


The most important elements of contact lens care are hygiene and cleanliness. Improper use can cause unwanted eye infections and lead to further problems down the line. As such, the best way to assess your child's suitability for contact lenses is to look at their overall personal hygiene habits. Do they take good care of their personal belongings? Do they brush their teeth without needing to be reminded? Do they keep their room tidy?


With continuous advancements in contact lens development, they are a healthy option for your child's eyes. Daily contact lenses are ideal for children as they require no cleaning and can be discarded at the end of each day. Drop in store or give us a call to discuss the many options available to your child.