We have put together a list of helpful do's and don'ts that everyone should know when it comes to wearing contact lenses.

This guide is great for anyone new to contact lenses, but it's also a helpful reminder of best practice to those who already wear contact lenses. Improper cleaning of your lenses and other bad habits can lead to a range of problems, including eye irritation and infection. Here’s what to do, and what not to do, when wearing and caring for your contacts.


DO  Wash your hands with antibacterial soap before putting in or taking out your contacts.

DO  Carefully and regularly clean contact lenses as directed by your optometrist.  

DO  Clean your lens case after each use, and keep it open and dry between cleanings. 

DO  Ensure solution bottle is closed properly after use.

DO  Replace your lens case every month.

DO  Remove your lenses and contact your practitioner immediately if you experience any pain, redness, sensitivity to light or discomfort in your eyes.

DO  Attend your routine follow up appointments. They are essential to monitor the health of your eyes and ensure your current contact lens prescription is accurate and up to date.

DO  Replace contact lenses according to the replacement schedule prescribed by your optometrist.

DO  Keep an up to date pair of spectacles.

DO  Have a complete visual examination every two years.

DON'T  Re-use daily contact lenses.

DON'T  Sleep in your lenses unless advised by your practitioner. 

DON'T  Dilute or re-use old solution. 

DON'T  Use tap water to wash your lenses or lens case, as it contains dangerous bacteria that could lead to infection.  

DON'T  Bathe with contacts in. Avoid showering in contact lenses, and remove them before going swimming, using a hot tub or entering a sauna. 

DON'T  Store your contact lenses in saline solution. It is not designed to disinfect your lenses.

DON'T  Use saliva to wet your lenses - this is full of bacteria and a potential source of infection.

DON'T  Wear your lenses when using eye medications or eye drops, unless advised to do so by your practitioner.

DON'T  Expose your lenses to aerosol sprays or excessive heat.

DON'T  Wear lenses if your eyes are red or uncomfortable.

DON'T  Share your contact lenses with anyone else.

DON'T  Take the advice of other contact lens wearers without consulting your practitioner.