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Dry Eye Treatment

Now available at Elliott Opticians

Eye-light is a non-invasive intensive dry eye treatment. This treatment uses two medical steps to reduce dry eye syndrome.

OPE® (IPL) is a polychromatic light that uses thermal (heat) pulses. These thermal  heat pulses are applied around the lower eyelid and cheekbone. It stimulates contraction of the Meibomian glands, increasing the oil levels and reducing the evaporation of the tears.

LIGHT MODULATION® (LLLT) is a technique used for many years in various fields of medicine (dermatology, dentistry, etc.).

A face mask containing LED lights is placed over your face for 15 minutes. These LED lights of a certain wavelength, triggers the eyelids to self heat.

This treatment inspires the Meibomian glands to function more effectively and produce better quality tears and can improve symptoms of dry eye syndrome after a few hours.

Four sessions every 14 days are recommended to achieve an optimal result. These treatment can be repeated every 6 – 12 months depending on the severity of dry eye.

Cost & Timing:

Session 1- 1 hour €100

Session 2/3/4- 30 minutes €70

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