Our corporate services include...

  • VDU vision screening programs.
  • Employee sight examinations in practice and on site.
  • Assessment of vision standards for pre-employment.

We provide corporate services to most of the major IT and industrial corporations, government bodies and financial institutions in the Midlands. If you would like to learn more about acquiring our service for your business, you can call us at (090) 6476111 or email info@elliottopticians.ie.

Prescription Safety Glasses

For corporate clients, we offer a full on site service which minimizes disruption to the work force.


  • Industrial Employment
  • Construction
  • Farming


  • High Impact Polycarbonate Lenses to meet standards BS EN 166 1F
  • Plastic / Toughened Glass Lenses to meet standards BS EN 166 1S

VDU Operator Eyewear

For those of you who work long hours at computer screens you may benefit from using VDU lenses. VDU lenses have a special anti-reflection coating applied to the lens which helps to reduce eye strain, eliminate glare from computer screen and enhances detail and contrast by 20%.

Every employee who uses a VDU as a significant part of normal work are entitled to have regular eye examinations covered by employer . This is outlined in The Safety, Health and Welfare at Work act 2007.

We can provide this test for employers on site or at our premises.


  • Anti-glare coating
  • Anti-fatigue computer lenses
  • Occupational progressive lenses
  • VDU anti flicker tints

People with bifocal glasses may find them less than ideal for VDU work. It is important to be able to see the screen easily without having to raise or lower your head. If you cannot work comfortably with bifocal glasses, you may need a different type of glasses. Sometimes you may need your glasses to be made specific for VDU distance. You can call us or drop in to discuss your options with our opticians.