In the same way that UV radiation is harmful to the skin, this invisible radiation is also harmful to the eyes.


Short term effects

Redness, irritation, tearing, vision blurring.

Medium effects

Growths on white of the eyes (pingueculas, pterygium).

Long term effects

Cataracts, macular degeneration.

Ocular Damage

Ocular damage is cumulative and permanent. Sources are directly through clouds and indirectly via reflections from water, snow, concrete. Ocular UV exposure is greatest during early morning and late afternoon. It is nearly double that of other day times as the suns rays are at eye level at those times.

Protect your childs eyes from UV damage

Children are especially vulnerable as they have bigger pupils and tend to spend more time out doors. Children born this decade are also expected to have a longer life expectancy than adults today, meaning their eyes will be exposed to UV rays for much longer and causing greater cumulative damage. Two thirds of children born this decade are expected to live to be over 100! 


Some sunglasses do not provide the full protection against UV radiation so it is important to buy good quality ones. Children should be encouraged to wear sunglasses as young as possible so the wearing becomes second nature to them.

Contact lenses

All Johnson and Johnson Acuvue brand contact lenses have full UV protection.

SO Remember!

  • UV damage is cumulative and can lead to eye disease.
  • Keeping eyes clear and healthy requires protection from infancy onwards.
  • UV protection for eyes is as important as sunscreen for skin.
  • Good quality sunglasses / contact lenses are vital for proper protection.